Lisa at Turning Earth Studios, 2016  (Photo: Sophie Ommanney)

Lisa at Turning Earth Studios, 2016  (Photo: Sophie Ommanney)

Lisa is a Hackney based ceramicist making functional and sculptural hand built pieces. She studied Fine Art at London Guildhall University.

Much of her work is built with rough, groggy clays, and she frequently leaves sections of a piece unglazed, highlighting the contrast between the glazed and naked surfaces. 

Lisa's overarching aesthetic is informed by the relationship between the human and natural worlds: the beauty and brutality of nature; the messy geometry and cyclical decay of cities; the synergies and dissonance between the two. Particularly where these worlds collide - foot-worn stone, rain-streaked towerblocks, leaf shadows on a pavement, lines painted around condemned trees, these are the sights that inspire her. 

Lisa also has a strong interest in ancient and primitive clay work, and often incorporates rough textures and patterning into her work. 

“I am intrigued by the idea of timelessness - I like to make work that feels as if it may have just been unearthed, objects with an indefinable sense of history and place.” 

Ongoing projects include a group of ragged-edged vessels with a rough, unglazed exterior; a tableware collection with slipwork and glazing inspired by water and erosion, and  a series of weathered towerblock forms. 

Lisa is also developing a ceramic jewellery range. 


‘Keramos’   Prick London (as part of London Design Festival), September 2017

‘Ceramics274xPlayground’   Playground London, April/May 2017    

‘Signed & Numbered’   Lacey Contemporary, December 2016

‘Ceramics274’   274 Hackney Road, November 2016

‘State of Clay’   Milliken Showrooms (as part of London Design Festival), September 2016

‘Winter Show’   The Kiln Rooms, December 2015


Jameson Works Bursary (Winner, 2015)